Managed Options Account

Our Managed Account Process
Market Outlook

On-going monitoring of positions from IUR options portfolio manager

Sector / Industry Analysis

Adapt a Neutral/Bullish/Bearish stance

Time Horizon

Guidance on use of near-term / longer-term options expiry.

Strategy/Strike Selection

Focus on income generation and capital growth. Use of single leg/two-leg and 4-leg options strategies for with ITM/ATM/OTM strikes.

Portfolio & Risk

Set key risk parameters on a basket of underlying securities monitored daily by your advisor. Input from your advisor on timing of opening/closing positions, risk awareness and improvement of timing.

Advisory Team:
  • Gareth Ryan, IUR Founder & Managing Director
  • Founded IUR in 2007
  • Began career as a currency trader for a proprietary trading firm in London
  • Previously with an equities/options broker-dealer with a focus on retail and institutional client trading
  • Regular guest on Bloomberg TV, FOX Business
Managed Options Account Parameters
  • IUR advise on exchange-traded options products for retail/institutional investors
  • These include – Index ETF’s, Commodity ETF’s, Currency ETF’s and Fixed Income ETF’s in addition to individual securities.
  • We operate our options positions across a basket of underlying securities for the options account.
  • Total number of open positions will vary based on several key factors, including account size.
  • The IUR Options Advisor Account is available for individual, joint, IRA and trust/corporate accounts.
  • IUR operate all client accounts on a state-of-the-art automated online advisor platform. No client funds are held directly by IUR.
Risk Management
  • Continuous risk monitoring on ALL options positions by IUR.
  • Options account exposure management – Predefined risk/return scenario for each position.
  • Position sizing – Determine limits at the outset of net size for each position
  • Stop-losses and position volatility
  • No uncovered call/put positions.
Important Notes

Options are leveraged products and involve risk. The value of investments and the return to investors may increase or decrease. IUR provide no guarantee of any returns. This
information is being provided to you solely for information purposes and should not be reproduced. Prior to engaging in options strategies, investors should read and understand the document “Characteristics and Risks of Standardised Options” available through the Options Industry Council (OIC). IUR client accounts are held with a FINRA clearing firm independent of IUR. This document is not an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security and IUR will not accept liability for any trading decisions resulting from or related to this information, data or analysis.

None of the information provided should be relied upon for the maintenance of books and records for tax, accounting, financial or regulatory reporting.

IUR Capital LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Firm CRD 153630.
IUR Capital Ltd is an investment advisor authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority with firm registration number 514394.
Both IUR Capital LLC and IUR Capital Ltd are headquartered at:

Third Floor
Lansdowne House
57 Berkeley Square
United Kingdom


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Options Strategies
Long Call Spreads Long Put Spreads
Covered Calls Cash-Secured Puts
Call Spreads Put Spreads
Calendar Spreads Protective Puts
Credit Spread Condors
Most actively used option strategy : Credit Spread

Key Facts

  • Account minimum: US $50,000
  • Account base currency: $USD
  • Annual Management Fee: 1.75% – 2.5% (tiered based on account size). Excludes transaction costs
  • Annual Performance Fee: 20% (Qualified Clients Only)
  • Minimum term: None
  • Liquidity: Daily
  • Advisors: IUR Capital LLC
  • Regulatory status: Registered Investment Advisor Firm CRD 153630

Top underlying securities (all US)

SPY ETF (S&P 500 index ETF)
IWM ETF (Russell 2000 index ETF)
Goldman Sachs